Radio Amateur Examination (RAE)

The materials presented here are presented to aid in the study and preparation for the Singapore Radio Amateur Examination (RAE). Licensing rules and regulations may differ from country to country, however, materials written about electronics and communications theory should remain fairly country agnostic.*

(* If the principles of electronics, or any other major laws of physics do not apply in your country, contact us. We will be REALLY interested to find out more. 😉 )

The Radio Amateur Examination is divided into two sections:

  • Section I: Licensing Conditions, operating practice and transmitter interference
  • Section II: Principles of electricity, electronics fundamentals and radio communications theory

Section I contains 35 multiple-choice questions and the time allocated is 1 hour. Section II contains 60 multiple-choice questions and the time allocated is 1 hour 45 minutes.

A set of study materials have been uploaded for your reference. Feel free to download them for your study.

Section 1:  Licensing Conditions, Operating Practice and Transmitter Interference


Section 2:  Principles of Electricity, Electronics Fundamentals and Radio Communications Theory

Lesson 1A: Waves, Frequency and Wavelength