Field Day – 15th December 2018

A group of amateur radio operators recently organized a radio “Field Day” on the 15th of December, 2018, at Pasir Ris Park.

So what is Field Day all about? Amateur Radio operators provide an essential public service by volunteering and assisting in emergencies and disasters and providing communications in locations where communications infrastructure has been damaged or completely destroyed.

For example, in 2013, the super typhoon named “Yolanda” made landfall in the Philippines, causing widespread damage and destruction. Amateur Radio operators deployed and provided emergency communications and support for the duration and immediate aftermath of the typhoon.

Amateur Radio station deployed for emergency communications during Typhoon Yolanda

Field Day is an event with an emphasis on radio operators being ready and being prepared for times of crisis and emergency. In places such as in the US and in Canada, they have an annual field day, held on the 4th weekend of June.

Field Day in Singapore is not really an annual occurrence. Sometimes, a group of amateur radio operators may decide to host their own field day. Let’s take a look at some of this event’s highlights:

This is the setup:

Benjamin (9V1KB) and Daniel (9V1CL) operating CW (Morse transmission) on a Yaesu FT-817.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and MMDVM is all the rage in town right now, so a few operators set up their DMR and MMDVM station

Joyce (9V1AN) brought along her expensive Ceyear 3680A cable and antenna analyzer, and demonstrated its operation and use on the field. She’s what you call a “field engineer” 😉

Ying Wang (9V1YW) decides to test and tune his VHF and UHF antanna on the spot.

Closeups of the HF antenna setup:

PAC-12 vertical antenna
Joyce’s homebrew vertical. The grounding wires also act as support wires.

Unfortunately, due to the weather and propagation conditions, the team was not able to make contacts with any other station. Hopefully they will be able to plan for future events and hope to make contacts, with less than ideal conditions.

That’s all for this event! Thank’s for reading! 🙂